Thor Wedge High Fur Yeti Boots Beaver Black Fur

Thor Wedge High Fur Yeti Boots Beaver Black Fur

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Thor унты йети из меха бобра черного цвета с клином

Эксклюзивная коллекция унт-йети для активного досуга и холодной зимы!

Модель  Thor.

Унты-йети выполнены из натурального меха бобра. 

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An exclusive collection of High Fur Yeti Boots for active leisure and cold winter!

Model: Thor

Stylish High Fur Yeti Boots are made of natural beaver fur.


“Thor” pros:

Water resistance - beaver fur is thick, fluffy and long, due to undercoat it’s warm and waterproof. Beavers spend most of their time in water that’s why their fur has maximum water resistant qualities. Seam treatment using Hermetic Strip technology helps boots remain dry in any weather. This model isn’t afraid of rain and snow.

Frost-resistance - it’s one of the strongest and warmest. It can keep warmth down to 50 degrees Celsius below zero.

Durability - hair-covering is strengthened which raises wearability up to 60%.

Heat Exchange - fur wares pass air well and the human body can breathe. That’s why in our shoes You will always feel warm and comfortable.

Trinity Insole - corrective triple insole. It keeps your foot in the position and warms it. The top layer is made of natural sheep wool and prevents undercooling and has antibacterial properties.

Thermoplastic Elastomer Sole (TPE) - provides excellent adhesion, a high stability to deformations, low temperatures and bad weather, guarantees complete water resistance.

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