Dali Short Fur Shoes (Black Nutria Fur)

Dali Short Fur Shoes (Black Nutria Fur)

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Dali short унты из меха нутрии черного цвета

Эксклюзивные унты из натурального меха нутрии черного цвета. Это модель из новой коллекции Yeti-Casual 2019, специально для городских модниц. 

Модель Dali short.

Современные, ультрамодные и невероятно удобные yeti Dali short согреют Вас на улицах города. Dali short из нашей новой коллекции Yeti Casual 2019, разработаны и адаптированы для повседневного зимнего гардероба. Они отлично впишутся в городское пространство и гармонично дополнят любой Street style
В нашей паре унт Ваши ножки всегда будут в тепле и уюте

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Exclusive Fur Shoes made of natural black nutria fur.

Model: Dali short

Modern, ultra fashionable and incredibly comfortable high fur Dali shoes will keep You warm in the city streets and on the snowbound mountain ski resorts. Your feet will always be warm and comfortable.


“Dali” advantages:

This model is hand made and is made of natural fur to make feel comfortable and warm in any weather conditions in winter.

Water resistance - nutria is a natatorial animal that’s why its fur is water resistant and will save you from any precipitations.

Frost resistance - nutria fur has strong covert hair and short padding. Its thickness reaches up to sixteen thousand thin hair per one square centimeter of skin. That’s why shoes made of nutria fur allow keeping warmth even at a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius below zero.

Thermal Exchange - fur shoes let the air pass through which allows your body to breathe. Due to that while wearing our shoes You’ll always feel yourself warm and comfortable.

Trinity Insole is a brand new corrective triple insole that will keep Your foot in the correct position and will warm it as well. The top layer is made of natural sheepskin and prevents heat loss and provides antibacterial qualities.

Thermoplastic Elastomer Sole (TPE) will help you to have a solid grip, it is resistant to deformations and low temperatures and bad weather conditions. The quality guarantees complete water resistant qualities.

Height - 17.5 cm / 6.89 inch (without sole)
Sole height - 2-2.8cm / 0.787-1.102 inch

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