Silvia High Fur Silver Shoes (Nutria Fur)

Silvia High Fur Silver Shoes (Nutria Fur)

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Silvia унты из меха нутрии цвет серебро

Silvia роскошные унты цвета благородного металла.

Модель  Silvia непременно станет главной примой Вашего зимнего гардероба. Сияй, сверкай и соблазняй!  В наших серебристых унтах ты будешь чувствовать себя звездой.

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“Silvia” High Fur Shoes has honorable metal look.

They will be principal shoes in your winter wardrobe. Shine and tempt others! In our silver shoes, you’ll feel yourself a rockstar.


“Silvia” is made by hand out of natural fur. You will always be comfortable and warm in them in any weather.

Apart from that, they’re waterproof as well. Nutrias are water animals. It means that their fur is waterproof and You will stay dry in any weather conditions (rain, snow, etc.).

Our shoes are frost resistant. Nutria fur has over sixteen thousand thin hair per one square centimeter and You will be warm even when it’s 50 degrees Celsius below zero. One more strong side is that its fur has hard covert hair and short padding.

The thermal exchange allows you to feel warm and comfortable. It all is possible due to the ability to let the air circulate freely and it makes your body breathe.

Trinity insole is our new invention - a corrective triple insole which will keep your foot in the right position. The upper layer is made of natural beaver lamb and it keeps you warm and has antibacterial qualities.

Thermoplastic Elastomer Sole (TPE) will make you stand solidly due to its strong adhesion. Also, it has the stability to deformation, low temperatures, and bad weather. 

Height - 27cm / 10.63 inch
Sole height - 2-2.8cm / 0.787-1.102 inch

Attention! Fur color can be different in every pair.

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