Zlata High Fur Lemon Shoes (Nutria Fur)

Zlata High Fur Lemon Shoes (Nutria Fur)

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Zlata унты из меха нутрии натурального лимонного цвета

Благородные унты лимонного цвета Zlata из меха нутрии – роскошная, и в то же время спокойная и грациозная модель, которая гармонично впишется в любой гардероб и достойно будет служить своей хозяйке из года в год.
Теплые, комфортные, удобные, легкие – все это сочетает в себе одна из наших любимых моделей Zlata.

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Noble High Fur Lemon Shoes - Zlata are made of nutria fur. Luxurious and at the same time calm and graceful model that will look harmonically in any wardrobe and will serve its owner year by year.

Warm, light and comfortable - these Zlata shoes have everything in them.


“Zlata” pros:

Shoes are made of natural fur by hand. This helps them to make you feel warm and comfortable in any weather in winter.

Water resistance - nutrias spend most of their time in the water, that’s why their fur is water resistant and will save you from any precipitations.

Frost resistance - nutria fir has more than 16 000 thin hair per one square centimeter and it has hard covert hair and long padding. It helps to keep your feet warm even when it’s 50 degrees Celsius below zero outside.

Thermal Exchange - clothes and fur shoes are good at letting the air passing through. It allows your body to breathe, that’s why you will find yourself feeling super comfortable and warm while wearing our shoes.

Trinity insole is a brand new and corrective triple insole which will keep your foot in the right position and make you feel warm in it. The top layer is made of natural beaver lamb which will prevent undercooling and has antibacterial qualities.

Thermoplastic Elastomer Sole (TPE) will make you stand solidly due to its strong adhesion. Also, it has the stability to deformation, low temperatures, and bad weather. 

Height - 27cm / 10.63 inch
Sole height - 2-2.8cm / 0.787-1.102 inch

Attention! Fur color can be different in every pair.

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