Mia High Fur Shoes (Mountain Goat Fur)

Mia High Fur Shoes (Mountain Goat Fur)

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Mia унты из меха коз горных пород

Яркие унты Mia – для сильных, ярких и непокорных.  

Очень красивая и теплая модель. Мы уверенны – эта модель, будет радовать и согревать Вас на протяжении холодной и долгой зимы.

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Outside: natural fur of goat.

Color - natural black/white/brown.

Inside - genuine sheepskin.


Mia is a hand made model, made of natural fur - for You to feel warm and comfortable in any weather in winter.

Water-resistant - goat fur is pretty good at water repulsion.

Frost resistance - goat fur is long and warm enough, it can keep warmth at 30 degrees Celsius below zero. We’ve added warm and soft sheepskin inside it to make it warmer.

Heat exchange - shoes that are made of fur let air in and it allows your body to breathe, that’s why our shoes will be always comfortable and warm for You.

Thermoplastic Elastomer Sole (TPE) helps to have a great adhesion, a high stability to deformation, low temperatures, and bad weather. 

Height - 27cm / 10.63 inch (without sole)
Sole height - 2-2.8cm / 0.787-1.102 inch

Caution! Fur color can have different shade in every pair.

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