Dominica High Fur Shoes (Mountain Goatling Fur)

Dominica High Fur Shoes (Mountain Goatling Fur)

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Dominica унты из меха козленка Изящные и элегантные унты Dominica не смогут оставить тебя равнодушной! 

Стиль Nude - завоевал сердца  модниц всего мира и уверенно поселился на модном Олимпе, не желая сдавать своих позиций. 
Оно и понятно! Палитра оттенков данного стиля – основа современного базового гардероба! Наши кремово-белые унты Dominica отлично дополнят любой образ! 

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Outside: natural fur of goatling.

Color - natural creamy/white.

Inside - genuine sheepskin.

Our creamy white Dominica boots perfectly complement any look!

The main advantages of the model Dominica.

Water resistant - goat fur repels water well enough.

Frost resistance - goat fur withstands temperatures up to - 30 ° C. Additionally, warmed with natural soft sheepskin.

Heat transfer - fur products allow air to flow well and allow the body to breathe, therefore you will always feel warm and comfortable in our shoes.

Trinity insole - orthopedic triple insole. Keeps the foot in the correct position, warms the leg, the top layer of natural sheepskin prevents hypothermia and also has antibacterial properties.

Sole TEC (thermoplastic elastomer) - provides excellent adhesion, high resistance to deformation, low temperatures and bad weather, ensures complete watertightness.

Height - 27cm / 10.63 inch
Sole height - 2-2.8cm / 0.787-1.102 inch

Attention! Fur color may vary in each pair.
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