Skadi Brown High Fur Shoes (Beaver Fur)

Skadi Brown High Fur Shoes (Beaver Fur)

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Skadi унты из меха бобра темно-коричневого цвета
Skadi унты из меха бобра темно-коричневого цвета – унты, для прогулок пешком, походов горы, и просто комфортного пребывания на зимнем отдыхе!
Одна из самых теплых и износостойких моделей в нашей коллекции – для активных людей ценящих стиль, тепло и комфорт. 
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Exclusive shoes made of natural beaver fur.

We’ve added sheepskin to make them warmer inside.

Available colors: dark brown and black

Advantages of the Skadi model:

Water resistant - beaver fur is thick, fluffy and long. Due to the underfur it's warm and moisture resistant. Beavers spend most of their time in water, so their fur has the most water-repellent properties. Treatment of seams with Germetic strip technology - allows shoes to remain dry in any weather. This model is not afraid of rain and snow.

Frost resistance is one of the strongest and warmest. It is capable to keep heat at a temperature up to - 50 ° C.

Wear resistance - increased durability of the pilage provides wearability up to 60%

Heat transfer - fur products allow air to flow well and allow the body to breathe, therefore you will always feel warm and comfortable in our shoes.

Trinity insole - orthopedic triple insole. Keeps the foot in the correct position, warms the foot, the top layer of natural sheepskin prevents overcooling and also has antibacterial properties.

Sole TEC (thermoplastic elastomer) - provides excellent adhesion, high resistance to deformation, low temperatures and bad weather, ensures complete watertightness.

Height - 27cm / 10.63 inch
Sole height - 2-2.8cm / 0.787-1.102 inch

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